Medicinal/Herbal Honey


Medicinal/Herbal Honey with turmeric, cayenne, bladderwrack, ginger, cinnamon, maca root, garcinia Cambogia, milk thistle, and kola nut.
Take 1 tsp daily
Can also add to hot water and drink as a tea.
Benefits:(my personal mixture)
Honey-good source of antioxidants
Turmeric-improves heart health
Cayenne-lowers blood pressure, reduce hunger, boosts metabolism
Bladderwrack-obesity, hardening of arteries, boosts immune system
Ginger-improve digestive health
Cinnamon-lowers blood sugar
Maca root-boost energy
Garcinia cambogia-weight loss
Milk thistle-protects liver
Kola nut-boosts energy

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What a great item to help you make it through this Covid season.

great in tea, you can taste the spice

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