Hydrating Hair Moisture Cream


Our hydrating moisture cream is guaranteed to give your strands that moisture you have been looking for! Defines and softens curls. Repairs dry and damaged hair. Completely color-safe. Made with 100% organic ingredients. Repairs split ends. Strengthens Hair. Silicone-Free. Great for all hair types.

Reviews (5)


This Hair Moisture Cream is amazing & whipped to perfection. My natural hair loves it. Keeps my hair moisturized/shiny for days. I like to pair it with Hairston's Naturals Curling Custard. These are Great Natural Hair Products, Thank You.

I bought it from a recommendation from a friend because my daughter has a dehydrated scalp. It worked wonders for her, and her scalp is has decreased dryness tremendously since using this product. Thanks!

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