Liquid Foaming Shampoo for hair growth



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    Perfect for all hair types. Our targeted applicator helps the liquid shampoo access the scalp easily. Our sulfate-free shampoo transforms from a liquid into a gentle foam lather. Antivial, Anti-fungal and antibacterial. It effectively cleans the hair and scalp leaving a perfect environment for follicle cells to grow hair. Perfect cleanser for hair loss and itchy scalp. Increases hair growth.
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    Great product to have in your hair care inventory!

    I’m glad to use the products. So far so good.

    Let me tell you. If you have itchy scalp or build up. BUY THIS PRODUCT!! With the first wash, my scalp was like “ahhhhh…yes this feels great”. It actually cleans my hair unlike other products that build up on your scalp and irritate your scalp! My hair is sooooooo much more shiny and healthy looking too!!

    This is a wonderful shampoo and great for natural black hair. I've been looking for a good shampoo and this is the best.

    Great shampoo for the scalp. #qualityprodcts