Pure Magnesium Oil Spray with OptiMSM


Pure Magnesium Oil Spray with OptiMSM

Encourages cellular detoxification and glutathione production contributing to optimal health and immune support

Assists inflammation relief and muscle recovery

Relieves migraines and insomnia

Regulates nerve and muscle function

Supports healthy pregnancy and lactation

Maintains healthy blood sugar levels

Maintains optimum blood pressure levels

Manufacturing and supports protein, bone, and DNA health

Can be used as a natural deodorant

Most people are deficient in Magnesium. Magnesium has been depleted in our water supply and from our soil. It's the 8th most abundant mineral on the earth. It is abundant in sea water. It's necessary for over 300 reactions. Every single cell in the body requires adequate amounts of magnesium to function or it parishes. Unfortunately blood tests are ineffective in diagnosing magnesium deficiency. Low levels are often diagnosed by symptoms alone. Sensitivity to noise, irritability, insomnia, mental disturbances, anxiety, infertility, PMS, high levels of stress, headaches, fatigue, coldness in extremities, fuzzy brain or difficulty concentrating, constipation, thyroid problems, etc...

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